Break Through The Clutter Without Breaking Your Budget

“Excellent experience. Knows branding inside out. Delivered exactly what I needed. I’m now a repeat customer.” — S. Siddiqui, Dubai, UAE

We had heard it described as ‘having a marketing guru walk around in your head’ and we weren’t disappointed by that description. [Tim] really helps you understand all the puzzle pieces, then quickly put them together as a sensible foundation on which to build.” —Don Strouse, President, 1st Alliance Mortgage, Houston, Texas

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The Brand Development Company was created by Tim Bryant following more than twenty years of experience at full service advertising agencies.

“I felt a more responsive and cost-effective approach was needed for startups and brand revitalization,” Bryant said. “Brick and mortar agencies are hamstrung by high overhead costs, limited or fluctuating skill sets, and the lack of direct accountability.”

Bryant works via phone and internet with clients located around the world. His core capabilities include strategic brand modeling, campaign management, copy writing and public relations, and he’s supported when needed by freelance designers and other marketing specialists.

For most clients, the first step is a review of target audience, competitive set, value proposition and unique selling proposition, followed by creation of brand message and creative platform.

These assets will then be leveraged to influence everything from logo design and sales letters to web sites, trade show planning and public relations

You’ll be helped as much or little as you need—even preparing you to run things on your own if you prefer.

The approach is quick, transparent and reasonably priced based on your goals.

Unlike brick and mortar, there’s no billing tricks, no unpleasant surprises.

Ready for more information? Call Tim today at 864-415-1232.



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