Brand Positioning Statements 101

Brand Positioning Statements are one of three types of positioning platforms created by The Brand Development Company for our clients, the other two being the Brand Message (sometimes called a Communications Platform) and the Brand Personality (also known as a Creative Platform).  Together, these three serve as a tripod-like foundation to the brand. As with a tripod, the weight of the brand is evenly distributed across all three legs –meaning each much be strong and sustainable on its own merit while also being compatible with the others.

In most cases, the Brand Positioning Statement will be used internally only. Usually these are not used externally –on your website or ad for instance. However, sometimes the can be.

The primary purpose of the Brand Positioning Statement is to provide a formula or “recipe” describing the essence of a brand’s relationship to its marketplace with regard to important considerations such as targeting, competitive set, value proposition and USP (unique selling proposition). In other words, the Brand Positioning Statement tells you what the brand is about in terms of each of these variables. It tells you what’s “in’ the brand and, too, a lot about what isn’t.

As an internal reference tool, it serves as a guideline or map to keeping the brand on course.

Gatorade’s Brand Positioning Statement may* read something like this:

Especially for the serious-minded sweaty male athlete,

Gatorade is the original sports beverage

that improves performance

by re-hydrating the body and replacing lost electrolytes.

* We’re just guessing that Gatorade’s Brand Positioning Statement goes something like this. Gatorade’s not one of our clients.

Each sentence of the Gatorade Brand Positioning Statement provides important information that’s been carefully thought through…

…and each sentence is inherently critical to the others.

More information on Brand Positioning Statements will follow.

In the meantime, here’s the BRANDLAND CHALLENGE: Tell us about your Brand Positioning Statement. Contact 864-674-6261.

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– Tim Bryant, Spartanburg

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