Whether you have one marketing goal or many …are on your own or part of a large organization …have a modest marketing budget or deep pockets… I can help you develop a confident message to customers and prospects, then deploy that message with confidence via sales and marketing tools.

I offer a wide range of flexible solutions and price points

After living in or near major markets such as Chicago, Jacksonville, Tampa and Washington, D.C., I get a kick out of growing my own preach trees. This is especially true considering it once took me only two weeks to kill a twenty-year-old bonsai tree.

to help you identify and leverage your strategic advantage over competitors.

For instance, my Quick Start Brand Review refine your existing targeting, value proposition, and unique selling proposition prior to brand essentials such as tag line, logo, web site creation, strategic planning, advertising and public relations.

I’ll assist you as much or as little as you need …from coaching one-on-one in areas of special need or through comprehensive “full service” integrated programs.

For details, call me at 864-415-1232.