Quick Start Brand Review

My Quick Start Brand Review creates a brand positioning statement, brand message and communications platform (brand personality description) via a series of exercises and discussions implemented via phone and email

I started sailing during my grade school years, worked as a sailing instructor to help pay for college and then graduated to larger and larger boats. Crystal suffered from motion sickness. I eventually grew tired of sailing without her and so sold the big boat to build our beach house in the boonies.

over the course of several weeks depending on your availability.

This is ideal for clients that desire all three brand positioning cornerstones without the participation of employees.

The deliverable is a Summary Report describing the cornerstones we developed together relative to your unique circumstances. This document, usually 7 – 12 pages in length, serves employees and investors as a key guide to your branding.

‘Customers must recognize that you stand for something.’

Howard Schultz, Starbucks