Two-Day Workshop

My Two-Day Brand Development Workshop creates a brand positioning statement, brand  message and brand personality description via a series of exercises and discussions facilitated in private (one client at a time) two-day

I grow several different varieties of grapes at Pineapple Hill. Shown here is one of two “Mars” vines. They ripen early, have a sturdy sweetness and are good for snacking in addition to winemaking.

sessions open to 3 -6 key employees.

This is the ideal format where group participation in an interactive process is needed to collect input, disarm resistance, achieve consensus and build an enthusiastic team dynamic. It is also great for individual business owners and entrepreneurs seeking a multidimensional understanding of brand positioning opportunities.


‘Companies have to wake up to the fact that they are more than a product on a shelf. They’re behavior as well.’

Robert Haas Of Levi Strauss