Public Relations

I started my career in branding and marketing communications on the public relations side—initially in arts and tourism, and then in manufacturing, technology and financial services.

My clients have enjoyed national B2C and B2B exposure in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio, and on the Internet.

One major news release distribution company described my skill as follows:

“Your name has become part of the language here  as

Pineapple Hill’s back porch is a favorite place to hang out. It overlooks a pasture where stray cows occasionally visit from next door, and where deer and turkeys are often seen. One flocks of six turkeys and another of five (varying year to year) come through—we’ve collectively named them The Wilsons. As in, “Look, Honey! The Wilsons are here!”

in the expression ‘this may get results like Bryant’s.’ …The extraordinary media coverage of (your campaign) place it in the top one-quarter of one percent of all releases distributed to the media through NAPS, including releases for most Fortune 500 companies, over 100 associations, all top 12 PR firms an over 760 accounts in all.”  – Ronald N. Levy, President, NAPS, New York, New York

Although I can be hired for small projects such as the development of a single news release, I recommend you view PR as a long term, ongoing activity versus a “one shot deal.” Reason: PR, whether implemented by me or someone else, is more effective when implemented with repetition of message and frequency of placement.

I also believe that too many businesses needlessly miss the opportunity to reflect strategic brand positioning in their PR efforts. Careful regard for target audience, value proposition, USP and other variables improves customer preference and loyalty.

My PR skill set include research and prioritization of media targets, identification of editorial opportunities, pitching stories to editors and producers, development and distribution of news releases, coordination of press conferences, planning trade show meetings and other events, and—through it all—management of consistent and strategic brand positioning.