Working with Tim is an enjoyable, productive experience.  I’ve been impressed with how quickly Tim has grasped the essence of our business and core value proposition.  I would definitely recommend The Brand Development Company to any business that needs help in brand development and marketing. — Kevin Survance, CEO, Eleos Technologies, Greenville, SC

A car wreck put me out of business for a few years. I used the recovery time to complete a novel and, miraculously, it was published by a small traditional press. A second completed novel is under contract for publication in the summer of 2020.

 “As a rookie entrepreneur embarking on my first Ecommerce web site, Tim made the process of developing my idea into a functional and understandable brand easy and fun. Tim’s knowledge and unique ability to brand my idea around today’s constantly changing world was enlightening and motivating. He provided me with much needed my competitors were lacking. He also went out of his way to understand my industry and create a unique plan to fit my needs. His easy going personality, humor and genuine interest in not only my business, but my well being, are unique qualities.  I trust Tim, value his opinion and would highly recommend him as a spring board to any businesses success.” –Dow Johnson, Tampa, Florida

“I have used the Brand Development Company on a couple of occasions now, both for the development of a brand name and identity for my new business ventures. Tim Bryant has been terrific to work with and the entire process from start to finish is both interesting and informative. I can certainly recommend Tim and his company for your own projects.”– Andy Tilleard, County Cork, Ireland

“Excellent experience. Knows branding inside out. Delivered exactly what I needed. I’m now a repeat customer.” – S. Siddiqui, Dubai, UAE

“Tim Bryant has worked with my company for several sessions over the past year or so and I am thrilled with the information and ending results. Tim has a way of getting right to the core of issues and presenting creative, practical and profitable solutions. His easy going style blended with experience and expertise makes the perfect combination. Working with Tim is like working with Cliff Notes; that is, he takes a large volume of information and synthesizes to the most important keys and addresses these. He is a major time saver. I would recommend Tim to anyone who wants to expand their business and improve sales.” –Dr. David Orman, Orlando, Florida

“We brought in The Brand Development Company while we were still in the product development phase. Their unique process provided us with a better understanding of how our product would best be introduced into our market, how best to position our product within the competitive landscape, and who we

While recovering from my injury, I also began tinkering with a lifestyle brand, tweaking the persona via posts on Facebook. Quirky and irreverent, it’s not for everybody—but part of deciding what a brand needs to be means deciding also what it’s not.

are as a company relative to our product and market. There is no better process by which to bring all business units together to understand who we are and where we fit in to our industry.” —Robert Palmer, CEO and President, ValuationLogic, Los Angeles

“Tim Bryant’s astute, comprehensive and penetrating methods have helped us clarify and sharpen the marketing messages we needed all along – we just did not know how to formulate them. Now, his brilliant Brand Review, a concise yet complete document, acts as a blueprint for our marketing activities.  Even though he was not familiar with our industry, his understanding of what our products characterize was surprisingly accurate. We have fully implemented his recommendations on our new website and have received great initial feedback. We plan to engage his services in the near future to strengthen our activities further. Even if you think you know what your company’s/product’s strengths are, I wholeheartedly recommend that you get his opinion. I assure you it will be the right “second opinion.” — C. D. Vijay, SST Systems, Inc., San Jose, California

“Tim Bryant is extremely proficient and efficient at what he does. He’s easy to reach, readily accessible and fun to work with. He really tells it like it is but with tasteful words and tact. Of all the people I’ve worked with, he’s truly remarkable and well worth the investment. I truly recommend him and will continue to use him for a long time to come.” – Dr. Marvin Pantangco, San Diego, California

“Tim helped us really crystallize our thinking when it came to positioning our company. It was the final step we needed to take prior to developing our marketing communications strategy. Now we have a clear sense of who we are and where we’re going.”-  Russell M. Boyd, President, PrintStream, Atlanta, Georgia

“Great working with Tim. He’s a rational guy who knows how to talk so you can understand his ideas and concepts. Very recommended if you’re looking for a branding pro.” – Codrut Turcanu, Bucharest

“Genius, man! Genius!” — Jim Allen, ApplianceZone, Corydon, IN

“Tim Bryant of The Brand Development Company helped me develop a brand message and brand personality for my practice. His process enabled me to do a better job of differentiating from competitors and communicating key brand attributes to my preferred target audience. After refining my positioning, he then helped me transfer this positioning into an outline and copy for my web site. Tim is pleasant to work with and very effective. I felt that, after a short time, he understood my service and values as well as any long-term client. I highly recommend him.” – Tony Mayo, Washington, D.C.

“Tim developed and delivered a focused brand positioning, message and personality document for a new new online safety software application. The plan was used to good effect to develop the application web site and as guidance to develop all of the associated headed paper, business cards etc. We had a number of discussions on the phone during its development and I found the experience fun, interesting and I learned something new too. I can recommend Tim to any potential client as an effective and competitively priced vendor.” — Andy Tilleard, Ireland

“Congratulations once again on having created such a wonderful ad campaign for Loantrader.com.  …..The LoanTrader.com ad was the highest scoring ad in Secondary Marketing Executive’s AdQ Study.”–Linda Hermann, Secondary Marketing Executive

“Your name has become part of the language here  as in the expression ‘this may get results like Bryant’s.’ …The extraordinary media coverage of (your campaign) place it in the top one-quarter of one percent of all releases distributed to the media through NAPS, including releases for most Fortune 500 companies, over 100 associations, all top 12 PR firms an over 760 accounts in all.”  – Ronald N. Levy, President, NAPS, New York, New York

“I participated in Tim’s Brand Development Workshop as I was in the early stages of developing a business plan. His innovative process helped me to fully understand the broader implications of my business and its true potential relative to customers and competitors. It helped me identify the core capability proposition that will drive my future sales and marketing efforts. I highly recommend this program to anyone launching a new business enterprise.”
– B. Hanley, Spartanburg, South Carolina

“The process enabled our group to achieve clarity and consensus about our purpose and our marketing mission through a better understanding of the relationship between our customers and our products. Its interactive format gets input from everyone around the table and, by doing so, gives each person a personal stake in the company’s destiny.  People start thinking more in terms of company goals versus just job requirements. We achieved standards that are now used throughout our organization and, as a result, we are a much more effective company.”
– Robbie Harrison,  CCI Flooring, South Carolina

“Tim Bryant helped us better communicate our brand and offer to prospective clients and partners. I definitely recommend his review process. He took the time to really understand what we do and who we work with and how. He then took that knowledge and gave us real suggestions we could use to improve our communication and branding. He also gave us a comprehensive overview of our brand which will help future efforts stay aligned with our brand. I have already recommended this process to my largest business partner. He is also enjoyable to work with. If we get even one good client from this, it will be more than worth it.”  – Anders Mikkelsen, New York

“This program is a great tool. It enabled us to determine the most effective position relative to customer demands, competitors and other conditions unique to our business.  We had heard it described as ‘having a marketing guru walk around in your head’ and we weren’t disappointed by that description. The process really helps you understand all the puzzle pieces, then quickly put them together as a sensible foundation on which to build.” —Don Strouse, President, 1st Alliance Mortgage, Houston

“The exercises are like peeling an onion to get to the truth.  They provided us with a deeper understanding of our customers and competitors and what is needed to stand out among them effectively and efficiently. Through our participation in the workshop, we also identified several organizational and procedural issues that could be revised to support our growth objectives. It was an interesting and valuable experience.” —Ben Taylor, President, AssureSouth, South Carolina

“Our workshop with Tim Bryant pleasantly forced us through all the steps necessary to gain a full understanding of our own business, our competitors, and our customers. His guidance allowed us to effectively work ‘on’ our business instead of ‘in’ our business.”—Leslie Shearer, Marketing Director, GraySail LLC, South Carolina

“My team and I were a bit skeptical that in two days we could create a brand architecture and two other brand positioning platforms. But Tim and his process allowed us to do just that. We learned things we ‘knew’, applied our knowledge to new plans, and are already seeing that branding is permeating all of our thinking. Tim did a great job for us.”—Paul Butare, President, AcroSoft Corporation, South Carolina

“The Brand Development Company’s process for developing branding platforms gave us a fresh, unbiased look at our business and brought our marketing staff onto the same page in terms of understanding our situation and agreeing on what was needed to be successful.  I highly recommend this program.”—Mark Earl, President, Venture Measurement Corp., South Carolina

“At a time when competitors were moving in with inferior imports, Tim’s process gave us a fresh look at the market and helped us think ‘outside the box’ to effectively update our brand position relative to builders, architects and specifiers.  We identified ways to improve and expand our self-promotion while also getting more benefit from existing resources.  We now have a stronger, more viable marketing program, and a more confident stance in the marketplace.”—Joe Hartsel, National Sales Manager, Bommer Industries, South Carolina

“We worked with several marketers to explain our project and goals. These professionals, had difficulty concisely defining our web site for marketing, and determining it’s direction appeared to overwhelm them. One skilled marketer, however, fully reviewed our site’s needs, became excited about what we were trying to accomplish, and recommended that we first find a professional to ‘define our exact message’ before we even moved into a marketing phase for our site. He recommended Tim Bryant as a person with the skills to do what we needed. From the beginning, Tim was very easy to work with, made us stop and think, and also asked questions we thought to be fairly unrelated to the development of taglines.  His final product, however, proved he knew exactly what he was doing…and why those seemingly unrelated questions were important. Tim helped us determine our focus audience, generate wording that communicated our message effectively, and even helped our programmers and design team begin to envision the same message for the site. I would certainly recommend Tim Bryant as THE person to contact if you need direction branding your company, finding the targeted audience, or streamlining a message.”—Jeanne Fuller, President, For Access, San Antonio

“We chose The Brand Development Company and its Brand Development Workshop™ to help us grow our company through branding. Tim’s unusual two-day private program taught our team about branding platforms and about our marketing environment relative to customers, SWOT and other variables. Through his interactive process, we created positioning platforms to improve our sales and marketing activities. It was a difficult-yet-fun process, and we’re very excited to now bring the Pace Electric Company brand to life. I recommend The Brand Development Company with enthusiasm.” Tracy Molzer-Kuhn, Director of Sales and Marketing, Pace Electric Company

“The Brand Development Company’s program for brand development and marketing planning is the elusive ‘magic pill’ that every business looks for  — it shows you what is needed to create an effective, results-driven marketing program, one with real teeth, where every dollar spent is spent wisely for greatest impact. Having experienced success firsthand from this program, we now recommend it to all our qualified clients.” –Ron Stiller, Vice President, The Stravolo Professional Services Group